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Looking for relief from chronic or acute pain? Suffer from headaches, muscle tension, digestive issues, muscle tension or foot pain? Need more energy or improved sleep? We can help with our unique approach of therapeutic foot Reflexology.

The Feet
Why Reflexology? There is a foot‐to brain connection in body that communicates via your brain and your spine (nervous system. Reflexology acts through the nervous system and the feet can actually reflect the health of the body in various ways..  

It is the skill of a reflexologist to observe those clues; A person’s painful feet can indicate stress in certain parts of the body. Sometimes rigid feet can result from tight muscles in the body. A skilled Reflexologist can reduce your pain and activate healing when nothing else has worked. So if you’ve tried everything without results, consider Reflexology!  

Effects of a Session
Reflexology is a natural drug‐free approach to relieve stress and pain. It acts like a “reset: effect to transform the whole body. Clients report that a session feels like a deep and complete rest. Our therapeutic approach and is based on the knowledge that your body has a natural healing ability to find balance. Research shows that reflexology works!

Whole Body Effect
Our expertise allows you to experience happy feet and a happy body? Most often, you will notice Improvements physically and mentally in the way you feel, think and move your entire body after just one reflexology session. As you commit to your wellness care, we focus on getting the personalized results you want and need as quickly as possible and then maintaining them regularly. 

Other Therapies
Aromatherapy using therapeutic essential oils can be used during a therapy session. Vibration Reflexology, Gem stone Therapy, Meridian Therapy or Reiki, Healing Touch, guided meditation may also be combined with your sessions. We customize your session to your needs.  

Integrative Yoga Therapy is so much more than a standard yoga class. It is a way for you to actually learn how yoga can help you with your personal health concerns. As a team, we work together, and you can experience yoga on your level as a healing tool for yourself mentally, physically and emotionally—mind body & spirit. You will learn more than just standard yoga poses. We explore and learn the principles of Yoga as a whole for the empowering lifestyle you chose to live and practice every day..

Topics covered include:  

•Body Awareness
•Yoga poses (specific to health issue and ability)
•Yoga way of life (Ayurveda)
•Meditation, Imagery and Relaxation
•Chakra Therapy
•Mind‐Body Health
•Stress Management
•Ways yoga can help you with your specific health concern and lifestyle.

Currently working with clients on individual bases for yoga therapy for specific health care needs.

What we offer at Colby Avenue Therapy Gardens-Reflexology & Yoga
We welcome all ages;  men women and children and most health conditions.
Our Gardens greet you when you arrive and give you peace as you leave!  

It’s that extra touch we can offer being at home. There is a large veranda in front for clients to enhance their healing experience by enjoying the perennials, herbs and inspiration quotes that are around. This allows a special place for reflection, meditation and prayer. We call it “porch therapy”, and it’s FREE!   Weather permitting, you could opt to have your reflexology or yoga session in a screened-in back patio or in the shade of our back gardens!