Relaxing Moments at Colby Avenue Therapy Gardens
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Reflexology Sessions
A single Reflexology session is available for relaxation purposes. Great way to try it out or for a gift to someone special.

Ongoing care of 6-8 initial sessions with regular maintained sessions are suggested for more chronic issues and long-standing pain
 in order to gain cumulative benefits. 
Deluxe 90 minute session-

The Deluxe session is a wonderful way to go that extra step and get totally relaxed. I customize each session to the individual, and to the needs at the time of the session. You won’t be disappointed! This is a favorite of many of our clients, try it for yourself!

90 minutes for $125  (+ state and local taxes)

Basic 60 minute session-

With the basic session, I typically focuses on the basics of 
foot reflexology, a great place to start or maintain your wellness plan.

60 minutes for $80  (+ state and local taxes)

With a basic round of 6-8 sessions completed, Teryn can evaluate if your well-being can be maintained with a shorter session. 

30 minutes for $50  (+ state and local taxes)

Here at Relaxing Moments at Colby Avenue Therapy Gardens, Teryn will take care to provide clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. She is available to see clients Monday through Saturday, 10am-2pm,  by appointment only.